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Claims ESP Newsletter is the official newsletter of Social Security Disability ESP (Examiner Speaks Plainly), our parent site.

This free online disability newsletter is written and edited by Loretta Crosby, an ex disability claims examiner who  served with the Disability Adjudication Services office in Georgia, and with the Disability Determination Service office North Carolina.

Ms. Crosby  has enjoyed a diversified and varied business career, including providing social and legal services to the poor and disabled in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia (governmental and non-profit agencies), working as a newspaper journalist covering the health, education, welfare and religion news beat (private enterprise), serving as editor of a national and international news bulletin (international volunteer services), and working as an entrepreneur providing secretarial and bookkeeping services to small businesses in South Carolina.

Claims ESP is a publication of One Pupil Publications, an organization concerned with helping others gain "the freedom to serve, bless, inspire and live on purpose".

The information in this newsletter is designed to help disability claimants and applicants get an accurate decision in the least amount of time. But, please read our disclaimer as the writer/editor is not affiliated in any way with the Social Security Administration or any of its contractual agencies charged with providing disability services to the public.

We hope you enjoy the informational articles posted here. Please let us know if there are other subjects that you would like to see addressed, or visit our main disability site or blog for additional articles and resources.


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