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Claims ESP Ezine   is an online newsletter put together by an ex Social Security Disability Examiner (DE) featuring articles on how you can get an accurate disability decision in the least amount of time. Stay current on articles added to this new site when you subscribe to Claims ESP 

Articles posted in Claims ESP newsletter will give you an inside look at what the disability examiner needs in order to reach a prompt decision on your Social Security disability claim application.

With a subscription to Claims ESP , there is no need to remember to come back to this site for updates. I'll "Fedex" the info direct to your primary email box--spam free--as new articles are added. There are lots of topics and articles yet to be added to this new resource. Here are some subjects you can look forward to receiving in the near future

  • Presumptive Disability --Specific Conditions that Allow You (SSI Title XVI Claimants Only) to get Six Months of Immediate Temporary Benefits On your Claim--Even if All or None of Your Medical Information Has Been Received!

    Medical Conditions You May Want to Have an Attorney Represent You With Because Social Security Does Not Handle Them Very Well. For Example: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Combination of Mental and Physical Impairments and others.

    Medical Conditions Social Security Considers "Non-Severe" (i.e. You may as well start looking for work and stop waiting on a decision). Some include High Blood Pressure and Diabetes (if there is no end organ damage (EOD)...I'll explain what EOD is, Back Problems with no range of motion (ROM) limitations, Allergies and many more

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